About OctoJan

A transparent, open and reliable business partner for your accounting

What does OctoJan do?

OctoJan helps independent entrepreneurs and freelancers manage their finances. We take care of submitting your tax returns and help you with your accounting. In addition, OctoJan is your contact for business questions. When necessary, we’ll try to assist you with help and advice.

OctoJan is transparent

OctoJan puts the freelancer at the hart of the matter. OctoJan takes into account which services are needed at which particular moment. You can manage your own administration using the free tools and binder or, if you wish, we can do this for you. You know what you pay for and what to expect.

OctoJan strives for simplicity

You can manage your accounting online using various programs, but that’s not always easy and necessary. Digitising everything is not a goal in itself for OctoJan. OctoJan provides a good balance between digital tools and proven methods. You get from us the OctoBinder to file all your paperwork. Our instruction videos show you how to best manage your accounting. These different instruments will enable you to always have a clear overview of your financial administration.

OctoJan strives for quality

We specialise in providing financial services to freelancers and have over 10 years of experience. We work with several bookkeepers, accountants and tax advisors. At the right moment, the right specialist will look after your accounting and tax matters. You can trust us to handle your tax matters correctly and rest assured that you’ll get what you are entitled to.

We’ll help you with your taxes and administration.

OctoJan strives for simplicity and transparency. We charge a price which is fair, both for you and OctoJan. We believe that you should get to know how best to organise your accounting. We’ll explain, as much as possible, why you should organise certain matters well and how you can do this. This approach will enable us to work well together. It will give you as an entrepreneur the peace of mind to no longer worry about your administration.

Would you like to work and grow together? Please book an appointment. We can then discuss how we can go forward. Whatever your decision, I thank you in advance for your interest.

Janik Laurensdijk

Directeur OctoJan